My 2020 Vision

Several years ago I read and was was inspired by a blog post by Chris Brogan in which he chose 3 Words to guide him through the year. I love this idea. This year I am only choosing one word.

My 2020 word is JOY

Finding JOY in my life's journeys, whether in my Close To My Heart business adventure, my adding healthy choices to my life, or my love of reading and my passion for sharing the wonderful world of paper crafting and memory keeping, I want to do it all with JOY.

Once my word was chosen, I decided to also embark on the creation of a 2020 Vision board. My first step was to find a quiet place and reflect on my 2020 goals. I chose and wrote down 20 goals for 2020, inspired by my mentor and Close To My Heart leader, Cindy Jackson. 

Once my goals were chosen, I looked at how I would like my 2020 
Vision board to look. I love playing with paper, however, I do love the digital world. After watching a few videos, I JOYfully embarked on the Vision board journey.  

Finding photos that would visually show my 2020 goals - earning the Close To My Heart incentive trip to New York City, growing my business, traveling to Ireland, reading 85 books in 2020 to name a few - was my first step. I created a Pinterest board and pinned these photos. The next step was to upload them to a photo editor, I used Canva.

Once uploaded, I worked with several templates and began adding the photos. I finished my Vision board journey by having my Vision board printed. It will hang where I can see it everyday as a reminder of where my journey will lead me in 2020!

Are you setting your 2020 goals? 

Find Joy in all you do


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