A Vacation

I have been missing in action BECAUSE I actually took a real vacation! Yes, it has been many years since I took a real vacation. My daughter and her family are military, which means it is easier for me to go visit them than packing up four children for a visit to grandma's house. Usually I fly to wherever they are stationed, stay a week and come home.

Well, they are stationed in Italy and the cost of airfare was staggering. A friend found an amazing deal on a transatlantic cruise and thus was born my idea of a vacation and a family visit. My friend, Beth, who I met in Pennsylvania at a Scrap It Southern Style event, was my travel buddy. Beth is a pro at cruising and I learned a lot from her. Another reason I love what I do, the people I meet are so WONDERFUL!

I spent fourteen days on the Royal Caribbean ship, Jewel of the Sea! It was the MOST fun ever. This is only the second cruise I have ever been on, the FIRST being an incentive trip I earned with Close To My Heart.

Each day Beth and I would do the stairs from level three to eleven (a good way to keep in shape while being able to indulge in all the good food offered) to spend some quiet time at our favorite spot at the back (aft) of the ship.

There was good friends

great food

fun surprises

and amazing shows

I have my album ready and have decided to use Fresh Air, June's paper collection, for this adventure. There will be layouts shared as soon as I return home. 

Thank you for your continued support of my blog!


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