Working with Scraps

I love how you end up with such a small amount of leftovers when you work with the Close To My Heart Workshop Your Ways. Today I am sharing the last layout I created from the leftovers from the Some Kinda Wonderful Workshop Your Way.

There were two large strips of the large circle pattern paper and zip strips. Don't know what a zip strip is, well it is how Close To My Heart ensures all our paper is usable. The small 1/2" x 12" piece that runs along the top of the pattern with the paper pack information has a print on the other side that may be used in projects. You can see with the Some Kinda Wonderful, there was a raspberry pink zip strip, a multi-colored geometric shapes zip strip, and a black with white spotted circles. Love the zip strips!!

I added a few of the scraps of Willow for photo mats and some of the sparkly black glitter leftover pieces from the Some Kinda Wonderful Complements. I usually end up with more Complements leftover however they will work with any paper pack!!

Enjoy and your comments are always encouraged!!


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