Easy Like Sunday Morning

I learned what 'binge watching' a series means. Now that I stream TV, I find myself lost in the full run of a series. It is FUN and can be frustrating. Frustrating at finding a great Hulu, Amazon, Netflix series to only find out that it was cancelled at the end of a season and the final episode was a cliff hanger -- WHAT!

Some of my FAVs are Longmire, Frequency, Justified to name a few. Having a smart TV in the craft room makes for a FUN day of crafting and binge watching.

Another great thing, if you miss something, you can replay it!

What are some of your favorite series?


  1. One of my top favorites is Heartland. A wonderful series that has 7 Seasons on Netflix, Season 8 on Amazon Prime (one of the channels) and Season 9 and 10 are not in circulation and it is still going. It is about a Canadian Horse Ranch and activities that happen around the family. The daughter works to help solve issues of horses with behavior problems. It is one of the best series on the air.


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