My First Illustrated Journaling

I want to thank my friends, Judy Hardwick and Stephanie Buice, for their inspiration to try this new art genre and especially to Cindy Anderson for hosting a Bible Journaling workshop. I learned so much and there is so much to try.

I am using an Inspirational Journal my sister, Kristina, gave me many years ago. It surfaced after my year of re-journaling in my healing journal. My healing journal was started when my husband and father passed away and I re-journaled (journaled on the back of each page) after my Mom passed and it was amazing how many of the same verses were shown to me again during this grieving year.

Have you ever felt it is time to let the light back in and spread those wings? 2016 is my year of light and joy, even when the days are not so joyous, it is my goal to find the beauty in each day!! And the Inspirational Journal is such a help. There is a little inspirational saying, a Bible verse, and a question for you to journal about.

Because I craft already, the only purchase I had to make was for the clear gesso to cover pages so the paper could take the ink and watercolors and stamps and whatever else one would want to add to their pages.

It will be fun and interesting to see where this new medium will take me in my meditation moments. As you can see by the sun coming out over the cold blue sky to melt my heart -- JOY is there!!


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