Musings from the Cemetery

How quickly the bones ache and creak and the feeling of age come over you when the weather is colder. The mind is still running on the thoughts of a youngster, however the chassis is running on the power source of someone quite a bit older.

'You are only as old feel' is a wonderful sentiment and, in my mind, the feeling of a youngster prevails. Get ready to jump out of the chair and the body of a much older me shares the reality. As Todd and I find our walk through this beautiful, calming place, we walk at a much slower pace. Is this a sad thing? No, it is living your life through the seasons. This is the season slowing down, reflecting, being a little less fearless, finding new paths and beginnings.

There are great benefits of this thing called 'aging', at least for me, as I slow down and smell the roses much more. I look for the beauty in my surroundings even in this gray aging cemetery. Look at the large ragged roots and far reaching branches of live oaks and you see the endless beauty of what aging can bring.

So I don't move as swiftly or gracefully as I once did, I still move and I, now, stop for a moment and reflect on the beauty that surrounds.


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