Musings from the Cemetery

Cold, cold, and colder were the only thoughts Todd and I had this past week. Each day we changed our walking time a few hours later
to see if the sun would help to warm the day. Alas not, it is finally coat, hat and gloves time. Winter is here and we will have to bundle up to go on our walks.

It is funny how much more I talk to Todd when it is cold and even ask him to remind me to wear my gloves. What a surprise it would be if he did. 

My musing today will be to introduce you to Todd, my little fur baby. Todd is a Jack Russell mix weighing in at 22 pounds. He is taller than a Russell, closer to the height of a Parsons but he has the feisty attitude of a Jack. His tail goes straight up, his chest puffs out, the hair on his back stands straight up and his bark becomes deep and menacing. He is in FULL Jack mode.

But he is my pound puppy. white with reddish brown spots and freckles all over. If he was a person, I see him as Huck Finn, long legged, barefoot, roaming the fields in search of trouble. And trouble he can be -- just let him get his freedom and he will be gone for as long as he can, sharing with the neighborhood, who is boss.

He loves his walks in the morning.

He also is not a loner. He can never be far from someone when in the house. If you move to another room, there better be a blanket or bed near, because he is going to join. Being alone is not for him.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.


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