Musings from the Cemetery

Did the title catch you off-guard?

I live in a small Alabama town, Selma, have you ever heard of her? And my early mornings are spent walking through a lovely, very old, and very beautiful cemetery. The following are the thoughts that come to mind whilst we, Todd my fur baby and I, walk and I wish to share them with you in a series of 'Musings from the Cemetery'. This series will be shared on Sunday mornings. On to my first musings --

While Selma is not my 'birth' home, my heart has drawn nearer to her beauty and she is now my 'home'town.

We moved here in the late 1960s, at the behest of the Air Force, and due to my Mom's health concerns, it became our NEW hometown. After coming from the big city bustle of Denver, CO, learning the lingo and ways of the South were a little painful, but that could be for anyone moving to a new place. Did you know in the south the most asked question when meeting someone for the first time is 'Who are your people?', love it!

As most young people from a small town, my life's adventure included many years away for starting a career and a family. In 2000, my journey away came full circle and I found myself again in my 'home'town.  She may be a little worse for the wear however, in my eyes and heart, she is still that quaint beautiful place we moved to all those many years ago.

While family and friends may wish I move closer to them, it seems every time I sit in the craft room Mom and I created or walk in the cemetery, I am reminded that this is 'home' this is where my 'heart' is.

And as I walk the cemetery with my little fur baby, Todd, the musings I wish to share come flooding in. And that is the inspiration for this new Sunday series.


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