Cricut Monday on Wednesday

I have been working with the new Artistry cartridge from Close To My Heart. Loving it!

The first fun project was a coffee cup card. I welded it to be a top opening card and uses slice to create the lid.

My second card is a jar card based on one shared by Jamie Holm, a fellow CTMH sister (who was inspired my Mandy Leahy), is shared next with a tutorial to follow - the tutorial is long so I will share the card first.

Bring in the jar, it comes in with flowers in the jar. You will need to ungroup and delete the flowers.

You will need to size the jar to 4.25" x 5.5".

Using the X and Y indicator place this first jar at 1 and 1.

Copy and paste two more jars, placing the one jar at X and Y of 5.25 and 1, which will put the two jars directly beside each other, touching enough to use the weld option.

Select the first jar and mirror it horizontally so that when the card is closed the two jars will line up.

Select the second jar and click on Contour under Layers and click on the heart making the line around the heart turn to blue.

Select both jars and click on the Weld option under Layers.

Your card has been created.

Select the FREE score line from Insert Shapes (1); place it at between the jars, you can use the X and Y indicator to place it directly between the two (2); select both jars and the score line, you know they are selected if they are both grayed on the Layer section (3); click on Attach to attach the score line to the card.

Bring in a rectangle, ungroup if you are using one from the Artistry cartridge and delete the top layer.

Using the third jar and the rectangle, place it under the lid and size it until it covers the part of the jar you wish to remove.

Click on Slice, move the other parts away and delete all parts leaving only the lid shape.

 Here is the finished card with lid and an extra heart, will share how I made that in a later post. I hope this helps you give the weld and slice a try.

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